Microsoft Windows 10 – Online Training Course

microsoft-windows-10Are you looking for online Microsoft Windows 10 training that will help you to become proficient with this operating system? We select the best e-learning courses for MS Office packages and a wide range of other skills, and this is excellent video based training in Windows from ej4.


Course Title: Windows 10

Windows 10 has arrived and many version 7 and 8 users will be encouraged to upgrade to version 10. These 8 neat e-learning videos are designed to help you get going with Windows 10, by giving you the key skills, and they include e-learning on Microsoft Cortana and the Windows App store, which will prove very useful indeed. With only 8 succinct videos to look through, this can form a short course or just help you understand some of the new ways of Windows.


Our view

If you are looking for that skills boost these tutor led e-learning videos fit the bill. Friendly, informative and focused on helping you to improve your skills from the get go, this is nice e-learning indeed.

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