Negotiation Introduction

negotiation introductionThis course includes a 12 month webinar coaching programme, online implementation tools and expert support provided through Virtual Coach

This course will introduce you to Negotiation. It provides a definition for Negotiation and why you might need to negotiate.

The course works through the 10 Rules of Negotiation which are vital for any size negotiation. Each rule is explained thoroughly through a video and supporting text and exercises in the study guide.

The Rules are essential to any sales person or procurement personnel and you will find they are used on a daily basis whether you are buying, selling or negotiating.

Finally this course identifies the 5 Phases of a Negotiation, again with a video for each Phase which thoroughly explains the Phase and how to plan for a win-win outcome throughout your negotiation.

Our view….this is real, this is bringing Alan McCarthy (expert negotiation trainer) to life, in full flow. The video clips are short and to the point, the value of the workbook to embed the principles of successful negotiation is substantial, and the support of Virtual Coach over 12 months is key.

Again, Imaginative, engaging and effective from Virtual Coach, with 16 exercises as part of this course, this is translating learning from the classroom (on-line) to your workplace and to improve your negotiation skills. 

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