Online Finance Training

Some of the best accountancy and finance courses that you can study online through e-learning. We find and list great online finance training for both accounting / financial staff and those in other roles.

Finance for Non-Financial Employees: Cash Flow Management

This module in the Business Skills bundle for non-financial accounting gives a brief introduction to cash flow management. The 3 videos (each with a short quiz and supporting coursework sheets to download) will support non-financial employees to improve their understanding of financial statements.

Finance for Non-Financial Employees (Series Bundle)

No finance background? No problem. We created this 34-part series of short videos to summarize business finance and accounting for any layperson. We take you through relevant finance topics like income statements, budgeting and even common accounting terms, just to name a few.Plus we do it in a fun way that doesn’t talk over your head, confuse you or put you to sleep.

Microsoft Excel 2010 – Online Training Course

This comprehensive and detailed selection of videos is a comprehensive guide to Excel 2010 and its essential functions, and includes over 7 hours of videos to bring you up to speed. Getting Comfortable With Excel (50:59), The Basics of Data (41:26), Managing Workbook Structure (27:39)…

Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features Course

Chapter 3 of the full Office 2013 course includes 10 videos with over 50 minutes of material which introduces the improved and new features specific to Excel 2013, and costs £40. Microsoft Excel 2013 New Features New Excel Templates (03:43), Sharing Excel Workbooks (03:16),…

The Time Value of Money – Business Maths

These 8 e-learning videos (plus the Introduction to Basic Maths) lasting over 27 minutes covers the interesting concept of the time value of money – business maths to a business and costs £32.00.

Ratios, Graphs and Formulas

These 11 e-learning videos focusing on ratios, graphs and formulas (plus the Introduction to Basic Maths) lasting over 40 minutes covers costs £44.00. Introduction to Business Math, Calculating Ratios, Solving Proportion Equations, XY Grid, Bar Graph, Line Graphs and Trend Analysis, Pareto Chart,…

Percentages, Converting Fractions and Decimals

This e-learning on Percents, Converting Fractions and Decimals is designed to help you brush up on your math skills for the work place. You can count on adding confidence to your business figures and subtracting the time it takes to relearn the process every time.