Learner Journey e-Portfolios

Learner Journey is the new e-portfolio system from Webanywhere. It allows students to have their own safe, online space to store and display their work, and to share their achievements with their classmates, teachers or tutors, and the wider community.

e-Portfolios with a secure social network

Lifelong Learning

Learner Journey is the first e-portfolio system designed for students from primary school (KS2) onwards. Over time, each learner can create a digital map of their personal learning journey, preserving each milestone and landmark along the way.

Each learner’s account can be attached to their institution or workplace to have access to the full range of features.

Learner Journey e-portfolios are extremely easy to use and can be customised using a wide library of attractive themes. They allow the learner to drag-and-drop images, text, documents, blog posts, audio and video into a portfolio to build a media-rich record of achievements.

Plus, Learner Journey can be accessed from computers, tablets and mobile phones. Anytime, anywhere.

Secure Social Network

Learner Journey includes safe social networking features that allow learners to share and discuss their portfolio of work with their classmates, family and educators, which at the same time prevent access from the wider web population. Each student can build their own network of friends from school / workplace who can comment, advise and give feedback on their work, promoting collaboration and creativity.

All Webanywhere products are designed with e-safety in mind. Teachers, as administrators, can control the privacy settings of the learners’ accounts, monitor communications between users and give feedback on their achievements. To make it easier, Learner Journey e-portfolios feature an automated content filter to alert them via email to any “blacklisted” words or phrases, and to any unsuitable links posted on accounts, allowing them to cut any problems short.

To find out more about the Learner Journey e-portfolio, and to request details of pricing and support and training services, go to Webanywhere’s Learner Journey website.

Alternatively, to discuss how this product may be able to help your schools, business or organisation,
call Webanywhere on +44 (0) 1535 604 026.