eLearning Resources from eFront Blog

eFront is an Open Source LMS we used here at Learning Light to deliver our Enable Project, a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation funded initiative. Check out their blog eLearning Resources from eFront Blog


Company news from LMS and Talent management vendor Kallidus, along with some useful hints and tips to improve e-learning and learning technologies in the organisation. Check out the Kallidus Blog here.

Selecting an LMS

The LMS – Learning Management System, often in education circles referred to as a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is often the bedrock of any e-learning project. Put simply these platforms are designed to allow organisations – corporates or educational...

E-Learning 24/7 blog

A very informative blog from Craig Weiss who offers his opinions around the wide range of e-learning and learning technology products but with an excellent focus on the LMS market and authoring tools. Not much gets past Craig’s eagle eye in the LMS world, and he...