European eLearning summit

Learning Light, in association with  – learndirect and CreativeSheffield played host to an exclusive event for the leaders of the European e-learning industry in Sheffield (one of Europe’s leading centres of e-learning) from 17th until 19th of November 2010.

This by invitation only event brought together some of Europe’s e-learning leaders: that is the CEO’s of Europe’s most successful e-learning companies, market analysts, and industry visionaries. See who attended here.

Participants at this event were provided with a pre-publication copy of Learning Light’s 2010 research into the European e-learning market and invited to actively contribute their knowledge and insights into the trends in the e-learning and learning technologies market across Europe.

The aim of this event was to build upon the research undertaken by Learning Light from 2007 onward into the e-learning market. In 2010 Learning Light broadened its research to value not only the UK market but also a number of European markets.

The summit agenda saw four presentations, commencing with Learning Light providing an overview of their research into the UK e-learning market, eXact Learning and ELIG member Carin Martel offered a European perspective of the challenges and opportunities e-learning faces across Europe. learndirect’s Kirsty Donnelly presented an overview of the learndirect success story. This was followed by LINE’s Piers Lea presenting a selection of e-learning success stories.

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