The eLearn Blog

The elearn blog from  elearn magazine, in the USA is largely discussion of content in the magazine but does cover other things such as conferences and the occasional expert.

The Mobile Learning Revolution Blog

A newish Blog with a focus on Mobile learning delivering weekly Podcasts on the topic of Mobile Learning, from RJ Jacquez, Former Adobe Evangelist.

Phil Green

The very knowledgeable Phil Green, well worth a read, but a relaxed collection of musings so fairly ecletic in subject matter and often very personal.

Nigel Paine

Have a look at the occasional thoughts of Nigel Paine . Only updated once every two or three months but usually worth a read – well-written and individual. Follow him on Twitter @ebase

Making change

Cathy Moore’s blog has a range of practical, common-sense posts on all aspects of e-learning and instructional design. What is refreshing is her mission to do away with the soul-destroying, text-laden, formal e-learning courseware which has rightly given some...

Learning with 'e's

Steve Wheeler’s blog is very learner-centred and he ranges over subjects as diverse as Wikipedia, game-based learning, usability and sympathetic content development. I found his approach very appealing and his range of interests exciting, interesting and...

Jane Hart's eLearning Pick of the Day

Jane Hart’s e-learning pick of the day is literally that – a practical tip on a tool or technology worth your while having a look at. Could save you hours of looking.  Jane is one of the most well respected people in her field so you can follow her tips...

Internet Time

Visit Jay’s blog at to read about his latest conference visits, trips and colleagues’ goings on.  Gossipy, anecdotal but fun like all the best blogs.  Follow Jay on Twitter@jaycross

Hot Milky Drink

Fascinating blog which both reviews new games and explores their potential as learning tools. Derek Robertson really knows his stuff – he is an inspirational speaker who always focuses on the practical applications of games in classrooms and the reactions of the...

games based learning

Read Paul Ladley’s very well informed blog on games based learning, it is of use to both educationalists and those interested in the politics of education. This is well worth a read if you are interested in the potential for games based learning and the politics...