The UK e-learning market 2010-11

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In January 2007 Learning Light commissioned a briefing paper on the e-learning market in the UK, “UK e-learning Report” which we posted on our e-learning Centre website

That Report, researched by John Helmer, became our mostly frequently visited and downloaded resource by 2009, but the rapid rate of change in our industry means we needed to be able to respond to the increasing requests for advice and information received by Learning Light with a service of annual comprehensive Reports, starting with one for 2009 and now for 2010.



The focus of this 2010/11 report reflect the trends within both the industry and marketplaces we surveyed using our forecasting model and detailed interviews with leading suppliers of e-learning and learning technologies.

We researched the European market and undertook interviews/discussions with industry representatives in MENA, India and the USA, with a goal to get a wider grasp of the opportunities and threats within our web-powered industry. In addition to our own experience and expertise within Learning Light we’ve drawn on independent sources, including:

At the heart of our research has been a series of interviews with organisations and individuals engaged in the e-learning market, from micro-businesses developing innovative technologies to established major service and product suppliers in the Europe, MENA, the USA and India.

As in 2009 our goal has been to provide both suppliers and purchasers with an understanding of what’s possible, what’s available and where e-learning services and products are going. We also comment on the convergence of technologies and design techniques for business, entertainment, gaming, learning and assessment. Finally we look at the way new technologies and changing economics offer both threats and opportunities to suppliers and purchasers of e-learning products and services.

This 2010/11 report provides accuracy, insight and analysis into this ill-defined and misunderstood market, including:

Market size and market growth projections for 20 European countries
An in depth review of the UK market
A short synopsis of each European countries elearning market and growth potential
A synopsis of 40 interviews with leading elearning companies, including Skillsoft, Kaplan, Kineo, LINE and learndirect
A taxonomy and definition of what is meant by elearning
A listing of key players in the elearning and learning technologies market
Future technology trends in elearning

Learning Light are one of the few organisations in Europe who publishes such research on a regular basis, our previous reports (2007 and 2009) were each downloaded by over 600 organisations and individuals.

Our 2010-11 report is a most comprehensive piece of research into giving value, definition and direction to this dynamic market and for the first time gives value to the European market.

This report is still available for only £250.00, and a free 25 page introduction is available to download.

You can also buy our latest 2014 e-learning market research  that updates the UK and EU market and contains our first view of the Chinese e-learning market.

You can see the table of contents for our 2014 market review below:

  • About this report
  • Aim
  • Sources
  • Authors
  • About e-learning
  • E-learning components
  • E-learning, e-publishing and learning tools
  • How e-learning is flowering
  • Glossary
  • The Learning Light forecasting model
  • Percentage of training budgets devoted to e-learning
  • Levels of usage by companies
  • Executive Summary
  • The UK
  • Europe
  • Summary table: The size of the E-learning Market, the Top 20 Countries in Europe
  • China
  • The United Kingdom E-learning Market
  • The early years: 2007 – 2008
  • Doom and gloom: 20093
  • The recent past: 2010 – 2014
  • Corporate sector
  • Public sector
  • Local authorities’ aggregation of procurement
  • The NHS
  • Major new frameworks
  • The Civil Service Learning Framework
  • Education
  • A lot has happened, but has a lot changed?
  • Trends overview from 2010 to 2014
  • Predictions for beyond 2014
  • Industry interviews: E-learning….what the buyer wants
  • Top 10 corporate learning and development requirements
  • Top 10 small and medium sized enterprises’ learning and development requirements
  • Key results
  • Industry interviews: Specific industry sectors’ views of e-learning
  • Construction
  • Engineering
  • Financial services sector
  • Hotel and Catering Industry
  • Legal Services
  • Local Government
  • Media
  • Membership-based organisations
  • Miscellaneous: Sector Skills Council (SSC)
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Professional Services
  • Retail
  • Welfare-to-work providers
  • The European E-learning Market – country by country
  • Summary
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Czech Republic
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • France
  • Germany
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Luxembourg
  • The Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Poland
  • Portugal
  • Slovakia
  • Spain
  • Sweden
  • Other European e-learning news
  • The Chinese E-learning Market
  • Introduction, including research methodology
  • Policy background
  • Market size
  • Overview
  • The growing demand for labour and learning
  • MOOCs in China
  • Mobile technology
  • Learning management systems
  • The e-learning market structure
  • Establishing an e-learning strategy
  • Learning market growth areas
  • Online learning technologies
  • Overall