ALT 2013 – MOOCs and More.

Taking the temperature at ALT 2013 was an interesting day out, and an enjoyable one as well. ALT is both very friendly and very informative even in just 1 day. The event was very well organised and the ALT ethos of sharing best practise was very enjoyable. However the...


Company news from LMS and Talent management vendor Kallidus, along with some useful hints and tips to improve e-learning and learning technologies in the organisation. Check out the Kallidus Blog here.

Rustici's SCORM Blog

All the news and advice about SCORM, the Experience API – Tin Can from the team at Rustici. You can ask them anything about SCORM and the Tin Can – Experience API and they are a really friendly and helpful bunch. Take a look at the Rustici SCORM...

Virtual College – Rod’s Blog

Rod Knox the CEO of Virtual College has taken to blogging on a wide range of topics connected to e-learning and showcasing some of Virtual College’s successes and offering some pithy comment as to what is happening in the e-learning market. Check out Rod’s...


Rapid authoring tool vendor Lectora keep an interesting blog of use to the many Lectora fans and others mainly about e-learning design using tools. Check out The Lectora Blog

Synergy Learning

Vendor Synergy Learning we have been creating professional, interactive elearning content for schools, colleges, universities, businesses and private training organisations since 1997 and provide an interesting blog. Check out Synergy Learning blog


George Siemens blog who is with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University. This is a seriously well informed blog Check out elearnspace


CommLab India are a large vendor who keep an interesting blog addressing corporate e-learning, with some useful hints and tips. Check out CommLab India’s blog