Communicating Strategy by Phil Jones

Reviewed by Howard Sears
Designed to help readers communicate their strategy in a compelling and effective way, Phil Jones’s book, offers a framework for building a communication plan, including tools and tips to help you explain and deliver a complete and coherent message. Jones also offers insights into how to identify likely obstacles to change – and explains how the psychology behind your story (the language you use, including metaphor, quotations and imagery) can create champions. Moreover, he explores reasons why organisational structure, processes and culture may stifle your story and then suggests steps you can take to overcome this.  “Communicating Strategy” contains elements of organisational theory, human psychology and commonsense. As such, it makes a welcome addition to the wealth of works on this subject. Indeed, many people could find it an excellent place to start when embarking on their career of corporate culture-changing persuasion.
Howard Sears is CEO of Cobent Group (, which provides solutions for e-learning, training and compliance-led process management for international blue-chip companies, fast-growth start-up, and public sector organisations – empowering them to manage compliance governance quickly and cost-effectively.