Learning Paths: Increase Profits by Reducing the Time it Takes Employees to Get Up to Speed by Jim Williams and Steven Rosenbaum

Williams and Rosenbaum (2004) address the challenge for many learning and development professionals – time taken to achieve competency, and use the concept of the “learning pathway” with the 30/30 plan. This works comes with an excellent CD-rom resource with a very useful tool kit.

Rosenbaum and Williams present a practical and measurable approach to accelerating the learning process for new and existing employees as well as future business leaders. Coverage includes the major steps and strategies for building learning paths; strategies, methods, and techniques to ensure training is correct, complete, and tied to business needs; and delivering training that is cost-effective and structured to transfer to the job more effectively. The accompanying CD contains guides, templates, and forms for implementing a learning path plan.

‘Learning Paths: Increase Profits by Reducing the Time it Takes Employees to Get Up to Speed’ by Rosenbaum and Williams takes an innovative look at training and how people develop beyond ‘graduation day’ to ‘independence day’. I half expected ‘fluff’ but was I pleasantly surprised. This book is full of great ideas that anyone with basic training and curriculum development ability should be able to implement within 30 days. My three favourite ideas: shorten the training cycle time to make people productive more quickly and proficient at what they need to do, not just trained with skills/competencies. Secondly, the 30/30 jump-start CD kit helps you to actually do what they suggest .. I love it.