Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies by Janet MacDonald and Linda Creanor

Reviewed by Bob Little

Subtitled ‘a student survival guide’, the publication (Gower, £15.99) – available in paperback and ebook formats – sets out to provide advice and tips on using technology to access, record, share and revise information, arguing that applying an efficient learning strategy to digitally available learning resources will help learners develop independence, self-direction and confidence in choosing what to read – and when to stop.
The publication’s eleven chapters cover the practicalities of learning online, as well as the skills of listening, reading, comprehension, communicating, researching, writing and presenting the results of the learning.
Written by Janet MacDonald and Linda Creanor, ‘Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies’ claims to be intended for learners in the world of work. However, its main thrust is aimed at students in full time higher education. As undoubted ‘digital natives’, these people should not need to be told how to use online resources to augment their studies. Yet perhaps these are the only set of learners who would be gullible enough to buy a (hard copy) book to tell them how to learn online. Nonetheless, this book addresses a subject that is under-represented in terms of literature. So, if only as a trail-blazer, it deserves some commendation.