Project Orientated Leadership by Ralf Müller and J Rodney Turner

Reviewed by Bob Little

Projects need leaders who give them vision and identity, as well as keep the stakeholders and the project team ‘on board’. Moreover, these human skills are often ignored in the learning and training materials that deal with project management. This is the premise on which this book from Ralf Müller and J Rodney Turner is based.
In its pages, Müller and Turner set out leadership models of managerial, intellectual and emotional leadership. They also explain how these models can be applied within projects to lead processes, function and people – to ensure an ethical and inclusive approach to projects and programmes.
Those who want to study and apply the role that ‘humanity’ plays within the project management process – perhaps to redress the balance in the light of the modern penchant for a processes and systems approach to project management – will want to read this latest addition to Gower’s ‘Advances in Project Management’ series of over 40 titles.
 Gower, ISBN 978-0-566-08923-7, £26.50