The Game-Changer: How You Can Drive Revenue and Profit Growth with Innovation by A.G Lafley and Ram Charan

Reviewed by Bob Little
AG Lafley and Ram Charan’s book (Kogan Page) is intended to show business leaders how innovation can be an intentional, disciplined and reliable way to convert ideas into revenue and profit on a consistent, on-going basis. Indeed, they argue that innovation – the ‘game-changer’ – is the only way to achieve sustainable business growth.

Lafley, at least, is writing from experience, having been instrumental in transforming Procter & Gamble from a mere $39bn company in 2000 into a $76bn company. Rightly, Lafley and Charan state that innovation is integral to both daily and long term management. Furthermore, it is not something purely for technical experts nor is it the result of serendipity. It is a reliable process based on the key drivers of: motivating purpose and values; stretching goals; strategic choices; unique core strengths; enabling structures and systems; implementing an open-minded, curious culture and inspiring leadership. Importantly, it states that innovation is a human activity and, so, must be managed as a social process.

This book will appeal to all those who want their ideas of business leadership challenged and who value considered views based on experience.