Our Content Vendor Altissia


Altissia is a leading e-learning language development provider based in Belgium.

The Altissia multi-language learning platform provides engaging and effective e-learning of an excellent standard.




The platform provides elearning courses teaching English, Spanish, French, German and Dutch.

The Altissia languages elearning platform also supports speakers of Brazilian Portuguese,Polish and Russian to learn English in a very effective way.

The e-learning programm is immersive, practical and progressive and as such is hugely effective in our view.

The e-learning materials are also suitable for use on a range of mobile devices.

The Altissia elearning materials are highly engaging, adaptive, use video and multi-media technologies to very good effect and are SCORM compliant.

We do not offer the Altissia e-learning languages as an “on demand” offer at present, should you wish to know more about this exceptional e-learning solution for language training, get in touch with us.