e-Learning Content Vendors ej4

US-based ej4 are leading e-learning content vendors specialising in business performance improvement training. They use engaging online videos to Fast Forward learning.


Their materials are used by leading US organisations such as soft drinks giants Dr Pepper, Snapple and PepsiCo, brewers including Miller and Anheuser Busch, and pharmaceutical companies such as Merck and Pfizer. In the UK the Sector Skills Council EU Skills are already using these materials, as are innovative accountants Knowles Warwick.

The materials follow the j4 approach of Just enough, Just in time, Just as needed and Just right. They are designed as short clips to be used in the workplace and aimed at improving an organisations intellectual capacity and getting the job done!

The materials passed our evaluation using our e-LCET tool, which was not surprising given that the materials were developed with pedagogical input from Columbia, University of California, Virginia Tech and the University of Cambridge in the UK.

We have carefully selected the materials that are suitable for use outside the USA and curated them into short courses that offer value for the money and engaging effective e-learning that provides results – immediately.

You can search our extensive course list that includes ej4 materials addressing leadership and management, DISC, selling skills, retail skills, negotiation, supervision, emotional intelligence, conflict management, ergonomics and more.


Or take a look at the book J4 Learning by Ken Cooper and Dan Cooper that goes into real detail about the ej4 approach.