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Virtual Coach

Virtual Coach offers an Online Coaching Environment designed to help your business win more sales, achieve your targets and retain value in your deals. Our innovative software platform combines a system of learning, implementation and support using techniques delivered by our resident experts over 25 years of successful sales training delivery.


Using Virtual Coach will ensure your sales targets are met using our proven Sales Target Assurance Planning.

Provide a support structure to you sales team so that they can focus fully on how to get more from their deals and how to close more deas.

Provide a unified approach throughout the sales team Virtual Coach delivers high end coaching and support to develop you team with little to no effect on daily sales activities and no lost or un-productive sales days.


With traditional classroom training it has been proven again and again that money is wasted without planned and structured follow up and repetition of material. Virtual Coach uses the 70:20:10 model to provide your team with access to social, self driven and virtual learning which is supported through real learning on the job. This approach maximises training budget with retention going from less than 25% to over 90%.


Virtual Coach will deliver four training modules to include:

Sales Target Assurance Planning

Introduction to Negotiation (ISMM Endorsed)

Advanced Negotiation

Win More Sales – Sales Qualification

Each module is broken down into step-by-step video tutorials, explanatory text and study guide.


Our Sales Target Assurance Planning provides a system to continually and consistently hit your sales targets. It looks at your target and helps you to understand:  What you have  What you might not have  What your pipeline really looks like and what can be achieved from it  What you need to do to fill you gap The system then looks at setting goals, objectives, strategies, plans and actions so that every member of the team knows exactly what they need to do on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis. This means your team are always focused and know what their actions will deliver. The training is combined with our implementation tool to constantly manage and monitor the gap in the sales target allowing managers to focus their attention on specific areas for improvement.

Negotiation Modules The Introduction to Negotiation module covers the 10 Rules and the 5 Phases of Negotiation.

The Advanced Negotiation goes a little deeper and covers the Negotiation Mantras, Alternatives to Negotiation, Building a 10 Point Plan and building proposals using the ‘Jellyfish’ model.

This module has an implementation tool which helps users create, manage and maintain a ’10 Point Plan’ for negotiation allowing users to immediately start using the methods they learn.

Win More Sales – Sales Qualification This module combines two extremely powerful techniques in selling: 1. Understanding the sales process 2. Qualifying a sale The module covers the Purchasing Plan, the Decision Making Unit, Purchasing Motivation, and Your Real Competitor Analysis. It is supplemented by a Qualification Analysis tool which ensures the user has the right information to qualify effectively. It enable the users to utilise the knowledge they have learnt straight away.

FULL SUPPORT You will receive full support from our experts using our AskAlan feature. You can speak to tutors, get feedback on assignments and get real life sales advice for your deals. We also provide live a monthly coaching webinars with a discussion board for any questions users have during the webinar. These are then stored in the archive and can be accessed on-demand for refreshers.

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