The Learning Light e-Learning Content Evaluation Tool has been developed to provide an objective means of evaluating an e-learning course.

The team at Learning Light was often asked by clients “How do I know if an e-learning course is any good?” Indeed Learning Light undertook several commissions from clients to evaluate e-learning courses, and this led to the development of firstly a methodology and now the e-LCET tool to objectively evaluate e-learning courses.

The initial inspiration was based around a design methodology by e-learning guru Michael Allen….his Objectives X Treatment matrix. This simple matrix looks at the learning objectives and the e-learning treatments or interactions that could be applied to create engaging and effective e-learning…….the Learning Light mission statement on behalf of learners and organizations.

The e-LCET tool does not focus on the technical side of the content such as the SCORM compliance of a course, but very firmly on the learner experience.

e-LCET is now a very capable programmed tool that does much much more than our spreadsheet driven process it replaces, but still requires humans to evaluate the e-learning content. We cannot claim e-LCET to be an automated or expert system. Instead it is a very objective and configurable tool that with training learning professionals could use to evaluate e-learning content objectively.

e-LCET is configurable to allow the evaluation of all genres of e-learning materials, videos, games, animations, and recognizes accessibility issues as well. It is also smart and flexible enough to allow the materials to be rated against realistic standards to reflect real world budgets.

Learning Light has applied its e-LCET approach to the e-learning content it now sells directly and through this site, with the team having evaluated many hours of materials before electing to market the e-learning courses and videos.

Our mission has been to ensure any buyer that the materials marketed by Learning Light and at  www.e-learningcentre.co.uk are of an appropriate standard and will deliver effective and engaging e-learning. For our evaluation using e-LCET we look at the materials and measure at 129 data points.

e-LCET presents graphical evaluations of the “genre mix” that makes up the course and a set of objective measurements against a the criteria set at the begriming of the evaluation determined by the type of course.

There are a growing number of e-learning content exchanges but to our knowledge none take the trouble to curate and evaluate the content sold at the level of detail Learning Light does.

You can watch a short video about how we evaluate our courses.