Market Reports

Here we signpost some of our e-learning market research reports giving value and shape to the UK and international online training and learning technologies industry.

Latest: Global e-Learning Trends – including market growth statistics in 2023, and top solutions companies in the UK and worldwide.


Historical Reports

A Review of the e-learning markets of the UK, EU and China 2014

The 4th report in our series into the e-learning market, including a new section on “what the buyer wants”, defined national market sizes for the UK, EU and our first look at the Chinese e-learning market.

This report is now available as an Executive Summary, or along with the exec summary the UK e-learning market, or the UK and the EU e-learning market or just the e-learning market in China.

In addition to looking at the state of the corporate online learning industry, this report seeks to take account of wider economic influences –particularly as they affect the industries that buy online learning technologies (both in terms of learning content and systems).

This 2014 report provides accuracy, insight and analysis into this ill-defined and misunderstood market, including:

Updated market size and market growth projections for 20 European countries e-learning markets
An indepth review of the UK e-learning market
Detailed analysis of “What the buyer wants”.
An updated taxonomy and glossary of key e-learning terms
An enhnaced synopsis of 20 EU member countries e-learning markets
Our first view of the Chinese e-learning market.

Global e-learning investment review,  “e-learning, lessons for the future.”

This  research was undertaken with IBIS Capital and is available from Learning Light at no charge, though registration required.

The UK e-learning market 2010/11

A comprehensive report valuing the financial worth of the UK and European e-learning market. The 2010 report continues to follow the key trends in the UK e-learning industry with research involving over 40 of the UK’s leading companies. A free 25 page summary is available to download.

This 2010/11 report provides accuracy, insight and analysis into this ill-defined and misunderstood market, including:

Market size and market growth projections for 20 European countries
An in depth review of the UK market
A short synopsis of each European countries elearning market and growth potential
A synopsis of 40 interviews with leading elearning companies, including Skillsoft, Kaplan, Kineo, LINE and learndirect
A taxonomy and definition of what is meant by elearning
A listing of key players in the elearning and learning technologies market
Future technology trends in elearning

This report is still available at the much reduced price of £250.00

2012-17 market predictions from GSV Advisors

A table produced by edTech Digest gives an interesting view into the Global and US education sectors.


2010 Employer E-learning Benchmarking Survey

Australian Flexible Learning Framework – Supporting e-learning opportunities on behalf of the Australian Governments department of Education, Employment and Workplace relations, this is well worth a read when it produces findings like this: The 2010 results on employers‟ attitudes to e-learning are broadly consistent with the findings in previous years, although very slightly increased on the 2009 figures. The most significant findings are that around 75% to 85% of employers believe e-learning provides flexible training for employees (85%), is an efficient way for people to undertake training (75%), and increases people’s access to training (88%).


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