Have you ever searched for Sales training? I don’t mean training that explains the principles of selling, the 7 steps to a sale etc.  I mean real sales training that not only tells you how to do it but tasks you with the practical steps of actually achieving those sales. When it comes down to the nitty gritty for most Sales people if they don’t hit their sales targets they are not going to have a job for very much longer. Sales people, account managers, business development managers call them what you will, they are all in a job because they can identify a sale and close a deal. Are Sales people born or are they grown within your business. That is a question I’m afraid will never be truly answered. Sales people possibly have to have certain traits within their genetic make-up to enable them to flourish in a Sales environment, being resilient comes to mind, but innovative training that allows learners to practice their skills is key to developing an effective salesperson. The old methodologies of selling tend to remain pretty much the same but how they are applied to be effective is the challenge. Learning Light has partnered with Virtual Coach to provide their online Sales courses through the Learning Light Course Store sales-target-assurance-planning / Introduction to Negotiation / Advanced Negotiation Techniques  These courses take sales training and actually make it happen, identifying where business will come from and what practically needs to be done to ensure sales targets are hit.