Learnanywhere Primary VLE

There are a number of learning platforms used by schools – the Moodle VLE being a popular example. However, many primary schools would like a VLE (virtual learning environment) that is dedicated to the needs of key stages 1 and 2.

Developed by Webanywhere Ltd, the Learnanywhere Primary Learning Platform has been developed specifically for this age group.

This affordable learning platform allows educators to create highly interactive courses quickly and easily, freeing up their time for other tasks. It is simple to administrate and offers extremely user-friendly lesson planning, course management and assessment interfaces. Students are able to access course material in the classroom or at home – reducing the impact of time off school due to problems such as illness or injury.

One of the key benefits of Learnywhere is that it helps to make learning fun. Interactive games and self-marking quizzes offer an educational alternative to the traditional classroom teaching structure. Various rewards based on achievement can help to inspire and motivate them, and there are endless ways to help in reinforcing key learning objectives.

To learn more about Learnanywhere, contact Webanywhere Ltd on 0800 862 0131.

For schools in the US, the platform is known as Junior Jotter, and you can learn more about this elementary school learning platform at webanywhere.us

You can also email info@webanywhere.co.uk or write to:

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