Technology Trends on the horizon, Aaron E Silvers of ADL.

Here Silvers of ADL was brave enough to look ahead 4-5 years, into how and where e-learning and learning technologies are heading. This was a fascinating and wide ranging view into the future.

Today he recognises that the industry is dominated by compliance and performance, this will change and the focus will increasingly align to skills building, with technology developing a “learner adaptive stance” he argues.

Silvers highlighted the Content powered community. He illustrated the real issue with the overwhelming amount of content now available to us, – 40% of employees time can be spent searching for content, and in 70% of these cases fail to deliver what is required. We all do need to get Curating argues Silvers.

Silvers sees the impact upon learning as quite marked, with data driven decisions delivering continuous improvement…. “you and I (boss) will both see how I am developing and performing”

So what does the future hold, what is next generation SCORM going to look like:

Silvers introduced us to the concept of Activity Streams (formerly Soviet activity streams) which have been hugely impactful in organisations such as Facebook, see this approach is however helpfully boiled down by Silvers to “I did this”, and will form the basic logic of standards that will replace the present SCORM standard, and here we arrive at project “Tin Can” and we look to another presentation from Rustici and Silvers into Scorm.