Take a look at this site listing numbers of Moodle users and prepared to be amazed. Here are the stats from Moodle http://moodle.org/stats/ and take a deep breath when you see the level of usage across the world.

Over 1.2 million teachers and over 57 million users have used the Moodle VLE in some way or another, in 218 countries and at 66,000 or more actual sites. By the time you read this post again in 24 hours another 400 users or more will have joined this learning phenomenon . That is a lot of new e-learners every day.

Looking down the list also gives some fascinating insight into how Moodle is used, with quiz questions (a mere 107,992,695 ) and forum postings (98,715,666) and (e)-learning resources (53,519,662) all calculated. can we learn anything from these ratios I wonder?

It is a truly global learning phenomenon, yet in comparison to the media favourites of LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook, Moodle gets little coverage in the mainstream press. So OK LinkedIn has 135 million users, Facebook 845 million and Twitter somewhere north of 300 million (all sourced from Wikipedia which has some amazing figures as well….21 million or so articles and 100,000 active contributors and billions of page views every month).

But let’s not forget, Moodle is so much more than a communication channel or networking service, it is about learning, e-learning in particular, and the levels of interaction and exchanges of learning are going to be much deeper than social networking or tweeting can ever achieve.

So while social networking can claim big numbers and big impacts on how we live our lives, the Moodle world is long overdue , in our view  much greater recognition for a truly amazing achievement in changing how the world learns.