Video leading the way for mobile learning

According to the YouTube website – Over 6 billion hours of video are watched each month on YouTube—that’s almost an hour for every person on Earth. That tells you that lots of people enjoy watching video, and enjoy watching video to learn. Video learning has also proven to be a powerful accelerator of the learning process. Increased watching of Video also lends itself nicely to the increased growth of sales of mobile devices and in particular to the increased sales of Tablets, because mobile devices are ideal to watch video and again according to the stats on YouTube – Mobile makes up almost 40% of YouTube’s global watch time.

We are seeing a plethora of tablets coming in to the market place at various prices and we are seeing tablets being increasingly used in businesses.  Businesses are increasingly becoming mobile. The flexibility of cloud hosted applications is attractive to many businesses of all sizes and the mobile business needs mobile device solutions. The solution however should not really restrict itself to focusing on just business processes, the solution should look to address all business needs and especially training.

With training budgets diminishing rapidly the training of employees at all levels has to be delivered smarter to be effective. The new learner demands a much more sophisticated delivery and the employer is seeking to provide training at a much more flexible point of delivery. The days of training courses that took employees away from their job for days or even weeks are like the training budget, rapidly diminishing. E-learning is now coming to the fore as a preferred way of learning and e-learning solutions are now not just for the desktop PC.

If the figures from YouTube are anything to go by mobile e-learning using video is the way people enjoy learning. Video is easy to consume and has proven effective when used for learning. Learning Light has recognised this and has built a large library of e-learning videos that effectively engage employees with learning that lets them experience real demonstrations of the skills they need to improve their performance.  Doing the job better then improves the customer experience and when the customer likes and values doing business with you they will keep coming back to do more business.