Why Our E-learning Works

Our approach to e-learning transforms the way organisations and their people learn in the workplace. Here’s why pay-as-you-train makes good business sense:

Measure return on investment: With pay-as-you-train you can measure and monitor learner progress. Thanks to our LMS, you can download records and reports easily.

Recognise progression: Each successful learner receives a certificate of completion or you can create your own company certificate, giving your people recognition for their efforts.

Manage learning easily: Pay-as-you-train gives you access to our LMS. From assigning learners to courses to enrollment and auditing, it makes managing learning simple and straightforward.

Receive fresh content: We refresh our library all the time and send you updates on relevant, new courses.

Take your time: Pay-as-you-go courses are available for a full year, unlike other online courses, which are usually available with a 30 or 90-day time limit.

Flexible learning: Available 24/7, users can learn what they want, when they want and where they want. It fits around your workplace and gives learners the freedom to learn at their own pace.

Save time, money and resources: e-learning reduces time away from the workplace. It avoids travel and hospitality costs as well as the need for expensive, classroom-based training.

A skilled, motivated and productive workforce: Learners appreciate fresh, relevant and up-to-date e-learning to help them at their time of need. It’s a fast, effective and engaging way to enable your people to work smarter and learn new skills.