Facebook for Business

Facebook is the world’s largest social network. With over a billion users it’s very likely that a proportion of your target customer audience will have a Facebook account. Facebook is an effective way to reach your target market: Learn how to effectively reach the customers you want and how to get them interested in your business. This course teaches you what Facebook is and how to use Facebook as a business tool. Most importantly, it walks you through how to set up a business account on Facebook, making using Facebook easy, and ensuring that you maximise your chance of acquiring customers and business, and avoid any pitfalls that using social media can present. By taking the Facebook for Business online course you will learn how to effectively reach a whole new customer base, and turn social media in to sales. The course consists of eight bite-size modules which can be completed, paused and resumed at any time, making this course convenient to your schedule. After each module you will be presented with some questions to ensure that you are learning effectively. This course is created by Video Tile, who specialise in producing online video content to help business communicate internally and externally. Their courses are all high quality, modern and engaging. By completing this course, you will be awarded with a Video Tile Certificate. The course lasts for 60 minutes and costs £90 Buy the Facebook for Business Course Contact us to find out about enterprise...

Information Security

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to: » Define information security and identify why it’s important. » Identify types of information that need to be secured. » Appreciate different threats in relation to information and distinguish between threats. » Comply with organisational procedures and best practice to maintain information security.

Freedom of Information Act

At the end of the course, trainees will: » Recognise the purpose and identify the key principles underpinning the Act » State who the Act applies to » Explain the provisions for making and handling requests under the Act » Identify the criteria, fees and time-scales relating to FOI requests

Workstation Setup Assessment

This course on Workstation Setup looks at how you can setup your workstation so that you can be as comfortable as possible and so that it can help you avoid any future health problems. At the end of the course, trainees will: » Understand the importance of setting up your workstation. » Identify correct use of DSE equipment.