Sales & Communication Courses

Here we signpost some of the best online sales and communication courses, which include interactive training in customer service, selling / account management, and interpersonal skills for business – all delivered via e-learning.

Many mistakenly believe that you are a born seller or you’re not. In fact, the best sales people take their craft seriously, practise proven techniques and learn from those with more experience. Many benefit from online sales training to gain an edge.

Similarly, customer service training and building effective internal or external business relationships can help take a professional from good to great. We’ve curated a wide range of sales e-learning and online communication training courses to help your career or develop your staff.

Popular Courses

negotiation training

Negotiation Skills

Good negotiation aimed at win-win relationships results in more benefits for both sides. The process is fun once you get the hang of it!

anger management course

Anger Management - Keep Your Cool

Training that looks at the causes of anger, and strategies to control it when things get tense at work.

Selling & Overcoming Objections

Connect your products and services to customer needs. Learn powerful skills to show customers how they can best use your products.

Healthy Communications

Learn about productive communication throughout an organisation. Useful for both your professional and personal life.

complaints handling training

Complaints Handling

How we record complaints and compliments, processes to follow, and how businesses can learn from them.

Presentation skills training

Presentation Skills

Text-based and video e-learning content to help you make compelling presentations in business, and reap the benefits.