e-Learning Resources

This section contains a wide range of free e-learning resources for you to browse and use. Whether you are a business looking to develop the use of e-learning with your staff, an e-learning content or programme developer, a subject matter expert or just someone interested in keeping up-to-date in the e-learning and learning technologies world, you should find something useful on our website.

We have an excellent selection of Elearning Guides on General Elearning, Procuring Elearning and specific products.

Our site contains a list of elearning Companies, and you can contact us register your organisation on one of our lists.

We also have lots of Market Research Reports, articles, case studies, BECTA information and market intelligence here.

Our Books, Blogs and Websites we like section provides loads of informative and interesting books review, blogs and external websites.

If you have anything you would like to add to this section, please contact us.

Our book review section covers many areas which e-learning and learning technologies are seeking to address, ranging from informal learning to human capital management and talent management. If you have published a book and would like us to review it, please get in touch with us.

Why not have a browse – we plan to offer an index, based on topic, organisation type and expertise level shortly so keep checking in

You can read about our evaluation process e-LCET so you can see how we are so confident in the content we curate and evaluate for you and watch a short video about e-LCET.

If you want something more interactive to start off your research try our short, narrated presentations (Knowledge Nuggets) on topics of interest in e-learning. The series is presented and narrated by Rishi Surtani and cover interactivity, SCORM, usability and instructional system design.

We also carry a range of market reports and a systematic literature review about the use of e-learning in the workplace commissioned or written by us, here at Learning Light, which give value and shape to the UK e-learning and learning technologies industry.

Other sections include a selection of our favourite websitesblogs and slideshares, along with a short recommendation or review from us.