Consultancy services for buyers of e-learning

Our Consultants help people make informed choices about the use of e-learning and learning technologies to ensure success from their e-learning programmes.

Our approach is all about helping you succeed in creating new and innovative e-learning programmes that enhance business performance.

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We work with you to achieve success:

  • Success is ensuring that the e-learning project directly impacts upon the performance of your organisation.
  • Success is about procuring the right solution for your organisation to meet its learning needs and deliver the performance changes required.
  • Success is ensuring that your learners engage with the learning programme and get the best performance from it.
  • Success is ensuring the L & D team delivers more for less.

Not sure where to start in exploiting the power of engaging and effective e-learning…….We can help

“Meandering in hope” with an ill-conceived e-learning project, not sure what to do…….We can help.

Seeking to procure an e-learning solution, but not quite sure how…..We can help.

Use our expertise to get it right from the start. We can help:

  • Build “Propositions and business cases”,
  • Produce “Requests for Proposals”,
  • Model ROI and much more.

Remember a well-conceived e-learning project saves money, improves learner performance, opens new market opportunities, and reduces risk – Success! take a look at a short presentation outlining our approach to success.

The use of e-learning is growing fast so don’t get left behind. Get expert advice, get ahead and succeed!

Want to learn more? Download our credentials or see our unique value chain approach we adopt in helping you succeed. You can also read about our Learnscapes approach to elearning consultancy.

If you are an e-learning supplier our consultants can also help, perhaps you should read our story of how we have helped many e-learning companies grow and prosper with our COMPeL model of business support.