Elevate Green

At the Elevate Green website, you can explore climate change solutions and learn how to help save the environment through buying decisions, career options and more.

With a unified effort across 10 key disciplines, it should still be possible to prevent global warming exceeding our target limit of 1.5 degrees celcius over the coming years and decades.

The purpose of the Elevate Green website is to signpost key climate change solutions that can help us succeed. In the context of e-learning, the solutions listed include sustainability training courses from IEMA that equip individuals and organisations in making a positive impact.

Taking inspiration from Patagonia and their 1% for the Planet project, and Speed & Scale that puts metrics against the improvements needed across business and policy, Elevate Green is working to raise awareness and promote the companies, products and services that will help save the environment.


10 Climate Change Solutions

  • Electrified transport
  • Lower impact food and clothing
  • Habitat and nature protection
  • Clean energy
  • Carbon capture
  • Environmental policy and legislation
  • Cleaner industrial practices
  • ESG investing / sustainable investment
  • Green technology innovation
  • Turning passion into movements and tangible action.

Visit elevategreen.org to learn how to help save the environment with your consumer buying power, career choices or other every day decisions.

In combination, real progress in each of the above 10 key areas can really help to prevent global warming and to stop climate change before it has a devasating impact on more of the planet.