Online IT Courses

Our online IT skills courses include interactive training in the use of many popular office software packages and operating systems – all delivered through e-learning.

We have text and video based information technology training that includes Microsoft Excel, Word, Access and PowerPoint, as well as the entire MS Office suite and the latest versions of Windows.

The are more general course in computing skills, such as managing spreadsheets, database management, word processing and best practice in using PC, mobile or tablet devices.

Popular Courses

Microsoft Office Guru

Over 4 hours of e-learning videos provides that include the new and improved features of the Microsoft Office suite.

Microsoft Windows 10

These 8 neat e-learning videos are designed to help you get going with Windows 10 by giving you the key skills.

Microsoft Excel 2013

Teaches you about every aspect of Microsoft Excel 2013. It is split in to modules which cover over 50 Excel topics

Microsoft Word 2013

80 modules and tons of material to help you master Microsoft Word 2013, from the basics to the advanced functionalities. 

Protecting Your Mobile Devices & PC

Invaluable information on preventing loss of data, malware and other issues with your devices.

Microsoft PowerPoint 2013

Videos for those experienced in PowerPoint and upgrading to the 2013 to walk-through the new and improved features of just this programme.