Accounting & Finance Courses

Our online Accounting & Finance courses include interactive training for financial skills in the workplace e-learning.

Our course list includes online courses for those with little or no previous accountancy training.

Skills that you can develop include Principles of Accountancy, Managing Budgets, Payroll and Inventory, Understanding Financial Statements, Cash Flow Management, Business Maths, Calculating Expenses, Financial Spreadsheets and more.

Popular Courses

finance training for non financial staff

Finance Training for Non-Financial Employees

Online finance training for staff in other roles. A great value bundle of several courses.
anti money laundering training

Anti Money Laundering

Teaching you about money laundering: what it is, where it occurs, and associated regulations. Important for anyone managing a company’s finances.
Microsoft Excel 2013 Training

Microsoft Excel 2013

An interactive, video-based Microsoft Excel 2013 training course. Essential e-learning for this popular spreadsheet package.
anti money laundering - regulated activities

Anti Money Laundering - Regulated Activities

How to recognise and prevent money laundering in the regulated sector. Uses the ‘e-learning meets corporate video’ approach.
Training in statistics for business

Statistics for Business, the Metric System & Estimation

e-Learning videos that cover statistics, averages, variances, estimation and more.
training in the time value of money

Time Value of Money - Business Maths

e-Learning videos on the concept of the value of money over time, including future values of amounts and payments.