Project Management Courses

We’ve curated some of the best online project management courses, including interactive training in this highly sought-after field for business effectiveness, delivered via e-learning.

These project management e-learning courses that include text and video based training. Essential skills for effective project managers include Planning, Delegation, Budget Management, Customer Service, Relationship Building and Leadership.

The list covers all these areas of competency and more.

Popular Courses

Online project management training

Project Management - Video Course

If you’re a person that’s been given a project at work, these programmes will help you complete and deliver it successfully.

Team Building for Projects

Modules that cover the competencies needed to build a culture of teamwork and effective communication across different departments.

online bid writing training

Bid Writing

These online courses include the ‘e-learning meets corporate video’ approach, with presentations made in virtual 3D worlds.

risk-management for projects

Risk Management

Online training that covers key competencies needed to identify, analyse, and respond to risks over the course of the project.


Low-cost online training that gives an overview of effective fundraising techniques and strategies, ideal for those new to such projects.

Online project planning training

Project Planning

Very useful learning materials for new project managers – practical and with purpose to improve confidence, process and results.