Guides to Elearning

Here are some really useful guides to elearning which can help you to understand elearning topics.

Some of these guides contain videos created by us, while others are informative pieces written by us and other people, but all are free so take a look below:

General elearning

Quick Guides to Elearning – Some useful mini-guides on a range of elearning topics

Knowledge Nuggets – Some excellent, detailed, narrated guides to various elearning topics

Free Elearning content and MOOCs listing – a guide to the best places to find free elearning courses and MOOCs.

Elearning companies worldwide – a list of international elearning companies, on our sister website Learning Light.

mLearning – The Complete Guide to Mobile Learning – a definition of the term, as well as top design strategies and best p

Procuring elearning services

Selecting an LMS – we have created a series videos to help you select a Learning Management System. It can seem like a daunting task, but we can help to make it simple

Selecting elearning tools – this series of videos explains what elearning tools are out there to help you complete your project. We focus on Rapid Authoring Tools which are used to create elearning content.

Apps and Mobile Learning – Mobile Learning is a hot topic, so we have created this series of videos to help you understand what mobile learning is, and if mobile learning and apps are the right solution for you.

Procuring Elearning – advice on how to go about procuring elearning content, courses and Learning Management Systems.

Guides to specific products

Day One Technologies – a guide to Day One Technologies’ System Simulation training for call centres.

Jackdaw Rapid Authoring Tool – this is a guide to the rapid authoring tool Jackdaw, which allows you to quickly and easily create elearning content.

Kineo Tips – helpful tips for using Kineo

Learnanywhere VLE – a Virtual Learning Environment created specifically for Primary schools, by Webanywhere.

Moodle – a guide to Moodle, a popular open-source elearning product

Moodle 2.0 information – Information to help you understand Moodle 2.0

Raptivity – Raptivity is a software-building tool for the professional learning designer/developer.

Totara LMS – a demonstration of the Totara Learning Management System.