Who We Are

At e-learning centre we make choosing the right course easy for you, your business and your people. Our team of e-learning experts have evaluated and approved a library of over 400 market-leading courses for the workplace. We’ve done the legwork in order to give you a simpler, more effective and affordable way to learn.

Whether you want to improve the performance of your people, comply with the latest legislation or retain talented colleagues, we give learners the knowledge to drive your business forward. We signpost courses used by major brands such as Siemens, Astra-Zeneca, Pfizer and Radisson Hotels. They take advantage of the best learning online and we think it’s time you should be able to tap into the secret of their success.

We work with small to medium-sized businesses across the UK, US and China and provide consultancy to some of the biggest and best including the Internet Society and EU Skills. So you can rest assured that we know what we’re talking about.

Simply buy the course you’re after or let our e-learning experts help you choose the right training for your business.

Why e-learning centre?

Quality guarantee

Uniquely, our e-learning experts have evaluated every course in our library to give you a choice of the best e-learning materials on the market. We’re completely impartial, selecting courses from a variety of top e-learning providers and we focus on quality over quantity. We’re proud to be able to offer only those courses that achieve the best learning outcomes for your business.

Look out for our quality mark on all our courses or find out more about what quality looks like at e-learning centre.

E-learning expertise

We’ve been looking for the best in engaging, effective e-learning since 2005. What’s more, e-Learning Centre is a UK e-learning research consultancy and a centre of e-learning excellence. With e-learning practitioners as part of the team, we know what good practice looks like and we know the industry inside out.

Flexible learning formats

As e-learning consultants, we know that people learn in different ways. The beauty of our library is the flexibility to learn what you want, the way you want, when you want it. Choose from in-depth interactive and video-based learning; courses for mobile and tablet; short clips for quick refreshers; task-based, on-the-job learning and more.