Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the term for e-learning which adapts to its user’s needs. The idea is that learning becomes personalised, so that what you are taught and how you are taught it is relevant to you.
Rather than having a rigid course in which every learner is taught the same thing with the aim of reaching a specific learning goal, the needs of each learner are picked up by the system and the content of the course is adapted appropriately for each learner to reach that goal.

Learning Light

Learning Light are experts in e-learning. We provide consultancy, research and high quality curated e-learning courses. Established in 2005 we have helped many organisations across the world succeed in delivering engaging effective e-learning. We provide you with our...


The blog is written by various members of the team at PixeLearning and features different aspects of game-based learning in mainly business and commercial contexts. Well worth checking it out if you want to keep up with the role of simulations and context-based...

Making change

Cathy Moore’s blog has a range of practical, common-sense posts on all aspects of e-learning and instructional design. What is refreshing is her mission to do away with the soul-destroying, text-laden, formal e-learning courseware which has rightly given some...

Cammy Bean’s Learning Vision

Musings on eLearning and instructional design from Kineo’s VP of Learning Design. Always worth a read. Follow her on Twitter:  @cammybean as well.