Reflections on Elliot Masie’s Learning Trends video call 2014

Let me begin by saying I am an Elliot Masie fan, I love going to Learning in Orlando in the Autumn, Masie’s Learning still the best produced event on the learning circuit, it’s just a shame I don’t get to go every year.
As part of the pre-publicity Elliot usually does a call to gently promote the event but also to share his and his colleagues take on the latest learning trends and the 1 hour recording is well worth watching.

The FELTAG response and e-learning

In our most recent publication “A review of the e-learning markets in the UK, EU and China” we highlighted the significance of the UK Governments department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) response to the FELTAG recommendations.
The Further Education Learning Technology Action Group to give it the full name has certainly created some action from the UK government that must be warmly welcomed by the e-learning and learning technologies industries.

Online Colleges and E-Learning Best Practices

Online Colleges and E-Learning Best Practices Affordable Colleges Foundation has recently created an e-learning guidebook. The main goal of the guidebook is to help students learn online more effectively. This includes 20 pages dedicated to distance learning basics,...

David Kelly

I am passionate about progressive education and performance support in the workplace. Technologies such as social media have advanced to the point that they can now support social learning, instead of being a barrier to it. I believe in leveraging this technology to...

Enterprise Learning Blog

Welcome to the Elearning and Government Elearning group blog. We post the latest professional news and reviews that we have seen, heard, or read related to enterprise learning. In doing so we will always cite, and where possible provide a link to, the original source,...

aLearning Blog

The alearning Blog is the brainchild of Ellen Behrens, who has been working in online education for seven years, association learning for more than a couple, and adult learning for more than twenty years. After working for a Web company that developed learning...

eLearning Resources from eFront Blog

eFront is an Open Source LMS we used here at Learning Light to deliver our Enable Project, a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation funded initiative. Check out their blog eLearning Resources from eFront Blog

Rustici's SCORM Blog

All the news and advice about SCORM, the Experience API – Tin Can from the team at Rustici. You can ask them anything about SCORM and the Tin Can – Experience API and they are a really friendly and helpful bunch. Take a look at the Rustici SCORM...


George Siemens blog who is with the Technology Enhanced Knowledge Research Institute at Athabasca University. This is a seriously well informed blog Check out elearnspace