Statistics for Business – Estimation, Averages, Variances

statistics-for-businessThese 12 e-learning videos (plus the Introduction to Basic Maths) lasting over 42 minutes cover Statistics for Business, including estimation, averages and variances.

These e-learning videos will help you understand how to use statistics in business, including weighted averages, what the Mean, Median and Mode tells us, when to use these, standard deviation, variance and the bell curve. There are 3 modules looking at the metric system including temperature conversions and 3 modules looking at estimation. All are incredibly useful and important to business.

• Weighted Averages
• Mean, Median and Mode
• When to Use Mean, Median and Mode
• Standard Deviation
• Variance
• The Bell Curve
• Prefix Terms and Metric Measures
• Conversion Rates
• Converting Celsius to Fahrenheit
• Estimation: What, When, and Why to Use
• Computing Estimation
• Visual Estimation

Our view….. very useful e-learning that will provide a really good understanding about the importance of Statistics for Business, estimation, averages, variances, averages, mean, median and mode. All key skills for business.

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