Sales & Communication Courses

Sales & Communication Courses Our online sales and communication courses include interactive training in customer service, selling / account management, and interpersonal skills for business – all delivered via e-learning. Many mistakenly believe that you are a born seller or you’re not. In fact, the best sales people take their craft seriously, practise proven techniques and learn from those with more experience. Many benefit from online sales training to gain an edge. Similarly, customer service training and building effective internal or external business relationships can help take a professional from good to great. We have a wide range of sales e-learning and online communication training courses to help your career or develop your staff. Popular Courses Negotiation Skills Good negotiation aimed at win-win relationships results in more benefits for both sides. The process is fun once you get the hang of it! Anger Management - Keep Your Cool A useful American-developed course looking at the causes of anger, and strategies to control it when things get tense. Selling & Overcoming Objections Connect your products and services to customer needs. Learn powerful skills to show customers how they can best use your products. Healthy Communications Learn about productive communication throughout an organisation. Useful for both your professional and personal life. Complaints Handling This course covers how we record complaints and compliments, processes to follow, and how businesses can learn from them. Presentation Skills An abridged collection of 14 video e-learning modules to help you make compelling presentations in business, and reap the benefits. More Sales & Communication Training Course Names Starting A to M Price: Act Smart £6 Assert Yourself...

Complaints Handling

This course looks at how we record complaints and compliments, what processes to follow, and how we (as a business) learn from them.

This online training from e-Learning WMB uses the e-learning meets corporate video approach with video presenters in virtual 3D worlds.  It is customisable in the Cloud for orders totaling over 100 licences of any course.

Two Ears one Mouth (Listening Skills)

In our fast-paced world we may not believe there’s time to listen. But listening effectively can save a lot of wasted time. Try this topic to find out the listening mistakes you make and how to put them right. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you…

Seal the Deal

How comfortable do you feel in a bargaining situation? Do you give in too often and come way the loser? Then try this topic to pick up tips to improve your bargaining confidence and competence. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Explain how to value assets realistically Describe how to find trade-offs when bargaining Identify your ideal outcome when bargaining Explain the effect of power balance when bargaining Explain how to manage the commitment to the deal Our view… This short, interactive course is great for anyone who finds themselves in situations where they need to get their point across. Learn how to bargain and sell effectively, all for only £6! Buy the Seal the Deal...

It’s What You Don’t Say (Non-Verbal Communication)

It’s what you don’t say: The way we move our body and the way we say things adds meaning and emphasis to the words we speak. Want to tap into the power of non-verbal communication? This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Identify the different types of non-verbal communication

I Like Talking to You (First Impressions)

Compete against three other contestants to uncover the five top tips for building an immediate rapport with people you’ve never met before. This Ready to Go Fundamentals topic will help you: Describe the benefits of building rapport in a range of contexts Explain how to make a positive first impression Describe ways to find common ground Explain the importance of active listening and non-verbal communication Promote self-awareness; understand how your emotions and reactions can influence others Explain how and when to lead the conversation Our view… Do you often meet new people? This short interactive course will teach you how to make a good impression through listening, non-verbal communication and self-awareness. And all for only £6! Buy the I Like Talking...

Information Security

At the end of the course, trainees will be able to: » Define information security and identify why it’s important. » Identify types of information that need to be secured. » Appreciate different threats in relation to information and distinguish between threats. » Comply with organisational procedures and best practice to maintain information security.

Telephone Techniques

These 6 e-learning videos lasting 20 minutes cover telephone techniques: Greetings, Taking Calls, Hold Please, Taking Messages, Handling Angry Callers and Phone Etiquette and cost only £24. Quite frankly, the telephone is the number one line of communication with unhappy customers and therefore we need to make sure that we handle it correctly.

Retail Excellence

These 11 e-learning videos lasting over 2 hours and 13 minutes covers the skills needed to deliver “Retail Excellence”. These courses will teach you the importance of the retailer profitability model, and all the different parts of that model that can impact your retailer’s profits. In addition, we’ll talk about the importance of your appearance and attitude while on the job. • Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 1 • Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 2 • Retailer Profitability Model (RPM) Part 3 • Motivating and Retaining the Teenage Worker • Looking Customer Good • Retailer Profitability Model: Intro Frontline (Retail) • Retailer Profitability Model: Intro Frontline (Restaurant) • Retailer Profitability Model: Frequency • Retailer Profitability Model: Reach • Retailer Profitability Model: Items Per Customer • Retailer Profitability Model: Price Per Item Our view….This collection of 11 videos looks at retail from several perspectives. There are some absolute gems in this selection of e-learning videos, Yes, this is US focused, but the principles of retailing are the same worldwide, and by common consent the Americans are amongst the world’s best retailers. The importance of keeping your staff motivated by providing understanding is an excellent principle and with clear and impassioned presentations these videos will motivate by informing your retail employees. Learn More at...

Customer Surveys, Mystery Shopping

These 10 e-learning videos lasting over 1 hour and 10 minutes covers improving your service by using Customer Surveys, Mystery Shopping and Management by Walking Around (MBWA).  • Surveys: Planning • Surveys: Satisfaction Items • Surveys: Response Formats • Surveys: Writing Statements • Surveys: Reporting and Interpreting • Report Cards and Phone Calls • Mystery Shopper • Management by Walking Around • Do They Like You • The Next Level Our View….these e-learning modules build on the Customer Feedback e-learning module, and provide lots of good insights into using surveys to improve your customer satisfaction in some detail. If you are serious about improving your business, learn from the experts in the USA – the home of exceptional customer service. Learn More at...