Here we signpost some of the best sales and customer service courses online. These training providers offer off the shelf e-learning, as well as bespoke course development services.


Aleido UK

“There exists only one ultimate authority: the customer. With the power to dismiss anyone in the company, from the chairman downwards, merely by choosing to spend their money elsewhere.” – Sam Walton, Founder of Walmart.

Sales and customer service courses from Aleido UK

Aleido UK takes pride in its association with Aleido Group, an international company specialising in aftermarket information and learning solutions. With a global workforce exceeding 800 employees, Aleido is guided by the purpose of ‘making the advanced simply understood,’ actively working to bridge the gap between technology and people.

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High Speed Training

This Customer Service Course is tailored for individuals engaging with the public in person, over the phone, or through various digital channels such as email, social media, or live chat. It is crafted to enhance your skills in all these areas.

The training programme aims to empower you to consistently uphold exceptional customer service standards, guaranteeing a positive experience for your customers. This, in turn, fosters repeat business and encourages favourable recommendations.

High Speed Training customer service

High Speed Training develop and provide an extensive array of online vocational courses to empower learners in achieving their career aspirations. They are believers in offering learners access to a broad and comprehensive selection of compliance and employability courses that will significantly impact their career trajectories.

Learn more about the Business Essentials Customer Service course from High Speed Training.


Free Courses Online

Upon successful completion of this free online course in Customer Service, you will be awarded an accredited Level 2 certificate. This certificate serves as tangible evidence that you possess a qualification regulated by Ofqual, accredited by NCFE, and officially recognised by the UK Government.

Free Courses Online Customer Service

To achieve genuine business success, delivering excellent customer service is imperative. Studies suggest that a significant 96% of dissatisfied customers choose not to voice their concerns, and a staggering 91% of them opt to leave without returning.

It’s noteworthy that the primary cause of customer turnover is not pricing, but rather subpar customer service.

Read about the Business Customer Service training from Free Courses Online.


Total Success Training

Explore a range of Open Courses specifically designed for Sales and Customer Service. This comprehensive programme allows you to easily select the right course for you course, book your preferred dates with a simple click, and entrust the rest to them.

The Sales and Negotiation courses adhere to some of the most impactful and proven models in the industry.

Total Success Training

Founded in 1995, Total Success Training has garnered significant success through close collaboration with their business clients. They understand the needs and aspirations of clients, offering practical solutions that align with their long-term objectives.

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There are many providers of customer service and sales courses online in the UK, but the above are some of the best e-learning specialists. One of these options should cater for your needs as an individual learner or a business with L&D requirements.