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Best Learning Management System

We profile and review top learning management software for delivering content across various sectors and for a range of needs.

Mobile Learning in 2021 – The Complete Guide to mLearning

If you want to deliver online education or training in a manner that’s easy and convenient for your learners to access on the go, then good mobile learning design is essential. Here’s our complete guide to mlearning in 2021, including the latest content design and strategy best practices.

A Review of My Showcase

My Showcase: the next generation of e-portfolio technologies. E-portfolios have been in use for a number of years but beyond the narrow remit of education they have not broken into the mainstream of learning and development. As with SCORM, the standards of...

A Review of Kokm

Kokm is more than an LMS. Kokm provides an online business solution: an intranet, an extranet, a resource library and an LMS. This means that Kokm is a slightly different product to the stand-alone LMS which we usually review.
The services which Kokm provides constitute a unified platform which, through the integration and unification of its services facilitates communication, connection and learning within a business. These three features are all features of a good LMS, and so the holistic Kokm package may not be as far from a traditional LMS as we think. In short this is an LMS aimed at that once mythical concept of the Learning Organisation.

A Review of scormLMS

scormLMS made its debut at Learning Technologies with one of the most straight forward branding messages and we quickly signed up for a “self drive demonstration”.
I cannot recall how many LMS we have looked at over the years but this one was a pleasure to use.

Review of School Jotter

Our review of SchoolJotter from Webanywhere - a great school website builder with useful e-learning and communication features. School Jotter is an innovative tool from Webanywhere which enables schools to create personal, functional, user-friendly websites and much...

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the term for e-learning which adapts to its user’s needs. The idea is that learning becomes personalised, so that what you are taught and how you are taught it is relevant to you.
Rather than having a rigid course in which every learner is taught the same thing with the aim of reaching a specific learning goal, the needs of each learner are picked up by the system and the content of the course is adapted appropriately for each learner to reach that goal.

e-learning: a major NHS Success story

A HSJ (Health Service Journal) supplement published recently looking at the Electronic Staff Records (ESR) roll out provided some stunningly encouraging information as how the NHS is using e-learning. The NHS’s ESR project is the world’s biggest programme of its kind,...

MOOCs and the Corporate e-learning market

How much attention should the corporate e-learning world be paying to the latest developments in the world of Education and e-learning – the rapidly arriving MOOC revolution! There is no doubt that education technologies have had a considerable impact on corporate...

What we will see at Learning Technologies 2013

As my inbox fills up with invites to visit stands at Learning Technologies, and Training Press releases gets busier and busier with announcements of launches and seminars, we know Learning Technologies is fully upon us. As well as our usual review based on visiting...

The Top 20 LMS – Infographic by Capterra

The 20 most popular LMS solutions   I was taken with the infographic produced by Capterra listing the 20 most popular LMS solutions. The Inforgraphic looks at the numbers of customers, numbers of users and gives an on-line score….a measure of the number of social...

When will the tipping point come for mobile learning?

There is an ever growing conviction, and no shortage of investment in mobile learning technologies by the e-learning industry at present, indicating a firm belief that this is the "now" or "next" big thing! In an industry given over to a little too much hype and...

Has e-learning progressed in the last 6 years?

It is very informative to read the excellent publication from UfI Charitable trust:  Scaling Up – Achieving a Breakthrough in Adult Learning with Technology where a team of researchers have interviewed a great number of influential individuals in this world of...

Why Moodle is ahead of the game in the world of open source LMS/VLEs

The leading open source LMS Moodle with its huge user base and profile (at least in the world of e-learning) does have a number of peers. It would be unfair to call them rivals, and of course we would advise you to consider all options if you are selecting an LMS /...

The number of Moodle users is just amazing

Take a look at this site listing numbers of Moodle users and prepared to be amazed. Here are the stats from Moodle http://moodle.org/stats/ and take a deep breath when you see the level of usage across the world. Over 1.2 million teachers and over 57 million users...