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e-Learning Websites We Like

Here are intros to some of the best e-learning websites, currently listed in alphabetical order. Click on the title to read our review and visit the site. If you would like to recommend an e-learning or learning technologies website, please get in touch with us. We may well be tempted to review and list it!

Good Tech Guide

A relatively new site for consumer and B2B technology, having only started in 2017, Good Tech Guide covers a wide range of well-established and emerging technology trends.

A Review of My Showcase

My Showcase: the next generation of e-portfolio technologies. E-portfolios have been in use for a number of years but beyond the narrow remit of education they have not broken into the mainstream of learning and development. As with SCORM, the standards of e-portfolios are becoming too restrictive because the technology is not portable and not learner centric. My Showcase changes the landscape of how learners collect, organise and share their learning and achievements, firmly putting them in charge. Putting the Learner in control My Showcase is a new generation of platforms designed to Collect, Organise and Share learning achievements in an environment that is managed and controlled by the learner, not the institution or employer. This change of emphasis to letting the learner manage the access to their learning achievements and records is hugely significant and addresses the perceived failings of e-portfolio, which was always felt to belong to the institution not the individual. Ease of Use The ease of using My Showcase is impressive indeed and it is designed to make the recording of activities exceptionally easy. Users can set up automated feeds to ensure activities such as blogging are automatically recorded, and what better way to reflect on your learning than writing a blog? Widgets are used to allow for other activity feeds to be captured in to My Showcase as well. Organisation It is at the ‘organise’ stage that the real utility of My Showcase comes alive as a dynamic environment that can work for both individuals and teams, which is quite unique. Individual users can tag activities (and assign the activity to teams for joint...

A Review of Kokm

Kokm is more than an LMS. Kokm provides an online business solution: an intranet, an extranet, a resource library and an LMS. This means that Kokm is a slightly different product to the stand-alone LMS which we usually review.
The services which Kokm provides constitute a unified platform which, through the integration and unification of its services facilitates communication, connection and learning within a business. These three features are all features of a good LMS, and so the holistic Kokm package may not be as far from a traditional LMS as we think. In short this is an LMS aimed at that once mythical concept of the Learning Organisation.

A Review of scormLMS

scormLMS made its debut at Learning Technologies with one of the most straight forward branding messages and we quickly signed up for a “self drive demonstration”.
I cannot recall how many LMS we have looked at over the years but this one was a pleasure to use.

Review of School Jotter

Our review of SchoolJotter from Webanywhere – a great school website builder with useful e-learning and communication features. School Jotter is an innovative tool from Webanywhere which enables schools to create personal, functional, user-friendly websites and much more including an app store for schools.   Making it simple, that’s why School Jotter works for 3000 schools The main message of the School Jotter suite is ease of use. It enables both staff and pupils (with access control) to easily create and contribute to a website which not only represents their school’s ethos, but also facilitates learning. School Jotter is not only about ease of use when it comes to creating a website, however, it is also easy for staff to constantly update and modify their website to reflect the evolving needs of their school and its students. School Jotter was created in 2008 and was one of the first school-specific Content Management Systems. Now School Jotter websites are mobile and tablet friendly, and are optimised to maximise search engine presence. School Jotter websites are entirely web-based, which allows changes to the websites to be made from any location, and the package is part of a website-hosting service. It currently has over 3,000 customers, most of which are Primary schools. So what makes School Jotter unique, and why should a school choose School Jotter if they want to build a website? Bringing Learning Apps to schools The strength of School Jotter lies in its apps. Apps, in this context, are pre-made add-ons which can be easily plugged into any School Jotter website via the included App Store. These apps enable schools to...

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the term for e-learning which adapts to its user’s needs. The idea is that learning becomes personalised, so that what you are taught and how you are taught it is relevant to you.
Rather than having a rigid course in which every learner is taught the same thing with the aim of reaching a specific learning goal, the needs of each learner are picked up by the system and the content of the course is adapted appropriately for each learner to reach that goal.

eLearning Resources from eFront Blog

eFront is an Open Source LMS we used here at Learning Light to deliver our Enable Project, a Leonardo Transfer of Innovation funded initiative. Check out their blog eLearning Resources from eFront Blog