Review of scormLMS

scormLMS made its debut at Learning Technologies with one of the most straight forward branding messages and we quickly signed up for a “self drive demonstration”.

I cannot recall how many LMS we have looked at over the years but this one was a pleasure to use.

As the branding says this is an LMS designed to deliver SCORM learning materials in the workplace. Actually, it does quite a lot more than that!

This is not a huge bloated LMS with endless features and functions but a focused LMS. It is focused squarely at training in the workplace, single site or multi-site organisations and as such it works exceptionally well.

This is achieved by its simplicity of use in combination with features which make a busy HR professional or L&D professional’s life a lot easier.

Learner Friendly

The design is one of clean, clear simplicity, making it very easily navigable LMS for the learner. The “My Work” approach is easy to use and a learner can very quickly grasp where they are in their assigned training plans and their learning history. There is also a learner archive which is highly searchable and rather neat.

While the learner can add a picture to their profile, the ability to add a little more about themselves would be a nice addition.

Admin Friendly

However, where this LMS really excels is at the administration level where considerable design, thought and skill has obviously been applied to make this LMS as informative as possible to the organisation in a way that is intuitive and easy to the administrator.

For the considerable numbers of organisations still considering those baby steps into the world of e-learning the simplicity of use is a key metric and one that scormLMS meets.

This is a true out of the box product that allows an administrator to import materials (SCORM naturally, but not just SCORM) to create courses for online delivery. The importing of learning materials is made very easy indeed.

The Course Uploader allows for the uploading and management of content, the management of tests and, impressively, within 3 clicks assigns learners and departments to training and training plans. I found this very easy and intuitive to use indeed.

This LMS will be of huge value to the hard pressed training departments (and individuals within) that in many cases will be using disparate spreadsheets and employee files to manage and record training. This is because the Training Management functionality built in to this LMS is very effective and efficient, especially with the training plans function. An Assessment manager is also built in which is a useful addition.

Reporting and Tracking

Reporting or auditing through this LMS is very impressive. The dashboard offers a comprehensive overview with the “Board Report” option sure to prove popular. The ability to create audit reports very easily and intuitively is again another strength, especially the alignment to the Tag Types, which cover every interaction. Keyword audits selection and user name audit report creation is also supported.


Instead of creating a multiple hierarchy set this LMS has addressed the issues of permissions in a much more imaginative way. Named sets of titles are created and levels of permissions are assigned to each title. A department supervisor permission set can therefore be created within the departmental admin level. This innate flexibility will allow for organisations to create permissions of use that are aligned to the organisation. Again, this is a really flexible and clever solution to the age old problem of administration levels and permissions.


scormLMS’s strength lies in its simplicity of use. The developers have clearly listened carefully to the needs of hard pressed training managers who wish to have a solution that is: simple to use, powerful in its reporting and auditing and is easily accessible for learners.

There is no doubt that scormLMS has met these challenges and more in producing this most intuitive LMS. It is suitable for organisations wishing to deploy e-learning for the first time, organisations wishing to simplify and align their training administration to their training activities, or organisations with an aging LMS which needs replacing with a simple SaaS solution.

You can read more about scormLMS on their website.