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A Review of Kokm

Kokm is more than an LMS. Kokm provides an online business solution: an intranet, an extranet, a resource library and an LMS. This means that Kokm is a slightly different product to the stand-alone LMS which we usually review.
The services which Kokm provides constitute a unified platform which, through the integration and unification of its services facilitates communication, connection and learning within a business. These three features are all features of a good LMS, and so the holistic Kokm package may not be as far from a traditional LMS as we think. In short this is an LMS aimed at that once mythical concept of the Learning Organisation.

A Review of scormLMS

scormLMS made its debut at Learning Technologies with one of the most straight forward branding messages and we quickly signed up for a “self drive demonstration”.
I cannot recall how many LMS we have looked at over the years but this one was a pleasure to use.

Learning Technologies 2015 Trends

Last week Learning Technologies took place at the Olympia in London. Learning Technologies sees some of the big names and promising new-comers in the corporate learning sphere showing off their new learning technology, and talking about the methods they use for delivering effective learning in the workplace.
It was my first time at Learning Technologies (LT) after joining Learning Light as a research analyst in October 2014.

Learning Technologies 2015 Review

Learning Technologies is always a busy event and 2015 was no exception. With an expanded Learning Technologies (LTs) presence leading off to the Learning and Skills section you could even say that it was very very busy indeed!
There were several firsts at this event: the debut of Leo, the undoubted new market leader in content forged from Epic and Line; Filtered, a content provider with an interesting angle; and kokm, a new Drupal- based next generation LMS. KPMG appeared in strength this year, while Deloitte did not.

BETT 2015 a review

Another BETT and another review from Learning Light of one of the world’s largest exhibitions for educators.
BETT 2015 was as big and as busy at Dockland Excel centre as ever, but in our view slightly less ostentatious. Stands were if anything a little smaller amongst the big players in the industry, with fewer ‘castles in the sky’.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the term for e-learning which adapts to its user’s needs. The idea is that learning becomes personalised, so that what you are taught and how you are taught it is relevant to you.
Rather than having a rigid course in which every learner is taught the same thing with the aim of reaching a specific learning goal, the needs of each learner are picked up by the system and the content of the course is adapted appropriately for each learner to reach that goal.

Reflections on Elliot Masie’s Learning Trends video call 2014

Let me begin by saying I am an Elliot Masie fan, I love going to Learning in Orlando in the Autumn, Masie’s Learning still the best produced event on the learning circuit, it’s just a shame I don’t get to go every year.
As part of the pre-publicity Elliot usually does a call to gently promote the event but also to share his and his colleagues take on the latest learning trends and the 1 hour recording is well worth watching.

The FELTAG response and e-learning

In our most recent publication “A review of the e-learning markets in the UK, EU and China” we highlighted the significance of the UK Governments department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) response to the FELTAG recommendations.
The Further Education Learning Technology Action Group to give it the full name has certainly created some action from the UK government that must be warmly welcomed by the e-learning and learning technologies industries.

Skills policy announcement means a major boost to UK e-learning

It seemed like a revelation to someone who works in the e-learning sector to see the government’s response to the recommendations from the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG), published in June 2014, and I hope it will prove to be a hugely significant development for the e-learning industry.
It has been apparent for many years that there are certain inhibitors to the UK’s FE system that are now proving detrimental to the digital future of learners.

What now for e-learning and on-line learning after the blockbuster purchase of Skillsoft by Charterhouse Capital.

The purchase of Skillsoft for over $2.3bn by Charterhouse Capital has attracted considerable attention across both the worlds of finance and learning and development.
For those of us who attended the IBIS Capital Edtech Europe event last year and listened closely or read the accompanying report e-learning lessons for the future , it was very obvious the edtech and e-learning industry was attracting very real interest from investors.

BETT 2014….all about the teacher

The BETT event held in January 2014 was one of the busiest BETT events we have attended and one of the most interesting. Like the smaller corporate e-learning event Learning Technologies BETT gave off the aura of fast growing excitement and interest in how technology...

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