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LMS Survey – Only 58% of Users Satisfied

Virtual College recently sent out an LMS market survey in late 2016, where they asked organisations how they felt about their current Learning Management Systems. The results highlighted a mix of opinions that people feel towards their current LMS.   Perhaps most...

A Review of My Showcase

My Showcase: the next generation of e-portfolio technologies. E-portfolios have been in use for a number of years but beyond the narrow remit of education they have not broken into the mainstream of learning and development. As with SCORM, the standards of...

A Review of Kokm

Kokm is more than an LMS. Kokm provides an online business solution: an intranet, an extranet, a resource library and an LMS. This means that Kokm is a slightly different product to the stand-alone LMS which we usually review.
The services which Kokm provides constitute a unified platform which, through the integration and unification of its services facilitates communication, connection and learning within a business. These three features are all features of a good LMS, and so the holistic Kokm package may not be as far from a traditional LMS as we think. In short this is an LMS aimed at that once mythical concept of the Learning Organisation.

Adaptive Learning

Adaptive learning is the term for e-learning which adapts to its user’s needs. The idea is that learning becomes personalised, so that what you are taught and how you are taught it is relevant to you.
Rather than having a rigid course in which every learner is taught the same thing with the aim of reaching a specific learning goal, the needs of each learner are picked up by the system and the content of the course is adapted appropriately for each learner to reach that goal.

Reflections on Elliot Masie’s Learning Trends video call 2014

Let me begin by saying I am an Elliot Masie fan, I love going to Learning in Orlando in the Autumn, Masie’s Learning still the best produced event on the learning circuit, it’s just a shame I don’t get to go every year.
As part of the pre-publicity Elliot usually does a call to gently promote the event but also to share his and his colleagues take on the latest learning trends and the 1 hour recording is well worth watching.

Skills policy announcement means a major boost to UK e-learning

It seemed like a revelation to someone who works in the e-learning sector to see the government’s response to the recommendations from the Further Education Learning Technology Action Group (FELTAG), published in June 2014, and I hope it will prove to be a hugely significant development for the e-learning industry.
It has been apparent for many years that there are certain inhibitors to the UK’s FE system that are now proving detrimental to the digital future of learners.

ALT 2013 – MOOCs and More.

Taking the temperature at ALT 2013 was an interesting day out, and an enjoyable one as well. ALT is both very friendly and very informative even in just 1 day. The event was very well organised and the ALT ethos of sharing best practise was very enjoyable. However the...

e-learning: a major NHS Success story

A HSJ (Health Service Journal) supplement published recently looking at the Electronic Staff Records (ESR) roll out provided some stunningly encouraging information as how the NHS is using e-learning. The NHS’s ESR project is the world’s biggest programme of its kind,...

Who are in the European edtech top 20

The eagerly anticipated European edtech top 20 was published yesterday, and it makes interesting reading to see who is on the list in the UK, and from the rest of Europe. There are some very familiar names from UK e-learning companies we know well, Brightwave, Epic...

Opportunities in India for European and US edtech businesses

There is likely to be an explosion of demand for learning and e-learning in India, (and the other BRIC and CIVET economies), but India is unusual for having such an evolved e-learning industry. Indeed we would argue the Indian e-learning industry supports a...

e-learning: India, Europe and the USA

This post on e-learning in India, Europe and the USA was prompted by the publication of interesting research by WizIQ. It was titled e-learning trends in India, Facts, Figures and the Future **, which is well worth reading. India is a powerful player in the global...

New term for e-learning?

With the term edtech growing in usage and currency to describe much of the education technology and the new innovations hitting the learning and education market, (MOOCs and more), and with mobile learning or Mlearning well understood – (having seen off “handheld...

Next Learning Unwrapped – Nick van Dam

I have always been a fan of Nick van Dams e-learning Fieldbook, and often refer enquirers to answer the questions posed by Nick to understand what e-learning works best for. I have now completed Nick’s 2011 book, Next Learning Unwrapped, that comes with an...