Supplier Consultancy Services

Consultancy services for e-learning developers

Our Consultants help e-learning companies grow and prosper, and have done so for more than 5 years using our COMPeL model with impressive results.

Our approach is all about helping you succeed in winning new clients, entering new markets, providing innovative new products and staying ahead.

How do we do this: COMPeL – to make something change or happen

  • Collaboration: We believe in collaboration amongst companies and our eco-system is one of the most evolved in the industry, which allows us to alert you to potential opportunities and hook you up with collaborators and partners for those bigger projects
  • Opportunities: We provide a public sector opportunity portal to help you source new opportunities to tender for and garner vital market intelligence
  • Market research: We undertake market research into potential new market sectors, product opportunities, channels and countries
  • Promoting e-learning: We are tireless in our promotion of e-learning and the benefits it can bring. We will on average deliver key note addresses at 10 events and conferences a year across Europe and the US
  • e-learning centre – we operate the number 1 resource on e-learning in the UK
  • Listening….we listen to you and your challenges and ensure we give you the best advice to help your business grow

Not sure where to start in marketing your company….We can help.

“Meandering in hope”, not sure where the market is going….We can help.

Seeking to complete that PQQ and not quite sure how…..We can help.

Should we develop a new product……We can help

Where are emerging markets for our products ……We can help

Use our expertise to get it right from the start. We can advise you in:

  • Sourcing and evaluating opportunities
  • Building presentations and giving great demonstrations of your products
  • Completing tenders and proposal documents
  • Choosing the right market

The e-learning market is changing fast so don’t get left behind. Get expert advice, get ahead and succeed!