Business Communication Skills Training – Greenline Conversations

Looking for business communication skills training – a course that will help oil the cogs of an effective workforce?


The Greenline Conversations e-learning course is all about achieving your business goals by having effective communication at work.


Think about how many conversations you have everyday – face to face, telephone, in meetings, by email. Now think about how many conversations happen in your organisation everyday.

Conversations are extremely important to any business. A lot of these everyday interactions won’t achieve the desired results, and some of them will even create issues. But imagine if your conversations always achieved the best result: your business could improve simply by changing the way you interact with each other.

Watch the video below to find out more about this highly engaging business communication skills training:


The Greenline Conversations business communication training has been in development for over 5 years. It has been adapted from a classroom environment where it has been tried, tested and improved. This development means that the Greenline Conversations course not only teaches extremely valuable lessons but that it does so quickly and efficiently.

The Greenline team are experts at teaching their course: no time is wasted and the training is packed full of valuable learning. Unsurprisingly, the Greenline team are experts at effective conversations!

The e-learning is aimed at Senior Leadership, although as every team member is involved in business conversations, it is valuable to anyone. This business communication skills training is also great for anyone looking to improve their skills and CV in order to receive a promotion or new job.

Course Structure

The Greenline Conversations course is made up of a series of videos, knowledge checks and application exercises.

There is 4 hours of learning, and it is recommended that a learner takes 2 weeks to complete the course.

  • The video is presented in a clear and accessible manner which enables the detailed content to be conveyed effectively.
  • The knowledge checks reinforce the learning from the video modules by asking the learner to answer questions about the video content. They are not pass or fail exams.
  • The application exercises get you to put some of your e-learning in to practice in your workplace. They ask you to, for example, identify relationships in your workplace that could be improved in order to work more effectively.

Our View

This combination of learning, reinforcement and practice is an excellent way of thoroughly learning new material, as by reinforcing and applying what you learn you will fully understand and remember it. The time you spend on the Greenline Conversations course is effective, and well spent.

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