Day One Technologies, based in Batley, near Leeds in West Yorkshire, is a UK-based company specialising in bespoke e-learning solutions. Since its inception in 1997, Day One has developed a strong reputation for creating high-impact training solutions tailored to the needs of various sectors, leveraging a “Learning by Doing” approach.

Bespoke e-Learning Solutions from Day One


e-Learning Services

e-Learning Content Development: Day One creates interactive and immersive learning experiences, including scenario-based training, simulations, and bespoke content tailored to specific learning objectives.

Learning Management Systems (LMS): They offer customisable LMS solutions that range from simple content storage to comprehensive corporate learning platforms with features such as gamification, learner analytics, and social learning capabilities.

Consulting and Strategy: Day One provides strategic consulting services to optimise learning and development (L&D) initiatives, ensuring alignment with organisational goals.

eRoleplay and Simulations: These tools are used to create realistic training environments that improve engagement and retention of knowledge.



Day One Technologies has a broad portfolio, having worked across numerous sectors including:

  • Healthcare: Developing bespoke e-learning solutions for onboarding, compliance, and continuing professional development (CPD) to improve staff performance and patient care.
  • Finance: Creating training for financial services that focus on compliance, skills development, and customer service.
  • Retail: Providing training solutions for global retail brands to enhance sales, customer service, and employee safety.
  • Technology and IT: Designing detailed and accurate technical training programmes that cater to both technical and non-technical staff.
  • Public Sector: Working with government agencies to deliver high-standard training within tight budgets and timelines.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Addressing skills shortages by developing training that improves business performance and employee engagement.
  • Military / Defence: Crafting complex training solutions for military personnel operating in challenging environments.
  • Third Sector: Supporting charities and voluntary organisations with cost-effective training solutions.
  • Pharmaceuticals: Developing compliance and skills training for the complex and highly-regulated pharmaceutical industry.


Notable Clients

Day One Technologies has served a wide range of prominent clients, including:

  • NHS Scotland: Provided solutions for the Whole Systems Patients Flow Programme.
  • Amazon: Developed engaging e-learning content for employee health and safety training.
  • ghd Hair: Created a bespoke LMS and training content for product knowledge and customer service.
  • Lloyds Banking Group: Implemented induction training for contact centre staff, significantly reducing attrition rates.
  • The Internet Society: Developed multilingual IT and technology training solutions.

If you’re looking for a bespoke e-learning solutions company in the UK, Day One have proven effective in diverse industries, making them a trusted partner for organisations aiming to enhance their training and development initiatives.

You can visit their website for more about bespoke e-learning from Day One.

Unit 67, Batley Business and Technology Centre, Grange Road Batley, West Yorkshire WF17 6ER, UK.
Tel: +44 1924 510 524