Level 1 Food Safety in Retail

A Level 1 Food Safety elearning course is a cheap and easy way to become legally compliant with food safety standards for Retail.

Level 1 Food Safety in Manufacturing

This Level 1 Food Safety certificate is a quick and cost-effective way of becoming legally compliant with food safety standards for Manufacturing.

Level 2 Food Safety in Retail

This Level 2 Food Safety in Retail online course is a quick and inexpensive way of earning your Level 2 Food Safety in Retail certificate

Level 1 Food Safety in Catering

This Level 1 Food Safety certificate is a simple, affordable way to ensure that you or your staff have the necessary Food Safety qualification for Catering.

Food Hygiene Level 3 Course

This Level 3 Supervising Food Safety Certificate online course presents a simple and cost effective way to achieve your Level 3 Food Safety certificate.

Food Allergy Awareness Training

The aim of this Food Allergy Awareness Training course is to raise understanding of the impact for those consumers who are allergic to a particular food or ingredient and how to ensure consumers are well informed about their food choices. There is no known cure for a food allergy and consumers have to avoid the food or ingredient to prevent reactions to the allergenic food.

Nutrition, Healthier Foods & Special Diets – Foundation

The Government is committed to reducing death and ill health caused by diet-related disease. More than ever, caterers and those preparing and serving food for others need to understand the link between diet and health. This course has been designed to provide a good, basic understanding of nutrition and is aimed at those who are employed in catering environments and involved in the selection of menus, recipes and ingredients.

Food Hygiene (Video)

Course Overview This course on food hygiene will aim to give you an overview of food hygiene, and will cover many areas that you will need to take into consideration when dealing with food. At the end of the video, trainees will: » Understand and recognise good and bad personal hygiene. » Develop an insight into the consequences of poor hygiene: customer complaints, increased food waste and food poisoning. » Develop an insight into all the different types of bacteria. » Recognising what high risk foods are and the importance of handling and the storing of foods. » Develop an insight into pests and the prevention of pests. Our view… This is an entertaining and professional 25 minute video. It teaches you about food hygiene in the work place – the risks of poor food hygiene and how you can ensure good food hygiene. It is essential viewing for anyone has a canteen at work or who works in the food industry! Buy the Food Hygiene (Video) Course This training course is approved by ROSPA – The Royal Society for the Prevention of...