….what presentations are being viewed from Learning Technologies Conference in January 2012? We thought we would do some totally unscientific download crowd analysis.

If you visit http://dpcloud.co/v3/enterprise/learningtech/ you can see the many excellent presentations delivered. However, one cannot help wondering why some presentations proved so much more popular for people to download/ view than others. Is there something about the Wisdom of Crowds here?

Academics in the lead

Steve Wheeler – an associate professor and prolific tweeter (@ timbuckteeth) leads in the popularity stakes by a huge order of magnitude, with over 1200 downloads at present – he also has 11,000 followers on twitter – some co-incidence? His presentation addresses “Digital Learning Futures.”

In second place is another Professor….Stephen Heppell, some mere 800 views behind Steve Wheeler, addressing “Third Millennium Learning”, other popular titles for downloads also focus on the future….in third place Ray Kurzweil another futurist with – “The Web within us – when minds and machines become one!” and Jaron Lanier’s “Are we at the beginning of the rise of post human machine intelligence”.

Its all about the future

From this we must conclude our crowd of viewers undoubtedly are interested in the future, and they like to be challenged and stimulated with views of the future. Can we conclude they are more interested in listening to and learning from an academics and futurists than to narrow examples of good practise!

Don’t mention L&D or HR

Our unscientific “download crowd analysis” indicates terms such as L&D and HR in the title of the video appear to be a turn-off to the event viewers – why should this be we wonder?

Social learning  and Mobile learning worth viewing  

The videos of presentations addressing mobile learning do not appear to be hugely popular, which is quite surprising indeed, given the emphasis on this form of learning at present. It was perhaps not that surprising that there were only 3 presentations addressing this hot topic, as take up is still quite low, indeed we must complement those brave presenters pioneering this path and being prepared to share what they have learnt …..do take a look.

Social learning was likewise in short supply, as a download not surprisingly as this is still very new, but not appearing in high demand from our download crowd is very surprising…or not!

The e-learning market  

Our favourites “Engaging the un-willing learner” by Mark Berthelemy from Capita, and “The Current Position of e-learning across Europe” by Antoine Solom of IPSOS and CrossKnowledge.  If you wish to know more see our report on the European e-learning market 2010-11 or our more recent report on the UK, European and Chinese e-learning market 2014,