Creating Successful E-Learning by Michael Allen

One of our very firm favourites, we have advised clients to use this approach several times and it works.

This was the first volume of six in Michael Allen’s e-learning library, a comprehensive collection of proven techniques for creating e-learning applications that achieve targeted behavioral outcomes through meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences. This book walks readers through the revolutionary processes of rapid prototyping and iterative design as a means of sorting the conflicting and hidden agendas of organisations, winning essential support, and generating creative learning solutions.

In this short volume, beginning with rapid analysis, rapid prototyping, and rapid evaluation, we find not only the details of the successive approximation process for developing superior e-learning, but also corporate and academic case studies to provide context for the design and development approaches recommended.

Chapter 6 also provides a set of questions to ensure any mistakes you make are useful or that you avoid making those mistakes at all.
More information on this subject: an introduction to instructional design for e-learning can be found on The Designer Site.